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UKCeB's mission is to transform secure information sharing for through life collaboration in defence acquisition and support. It's a not-for-profit, membership organisation comprising over 600 individuals and 70 Defence & Aerospace companies (see Members), plus the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and related Trade Associations. With a mature Governance structure, Council and senior MOD/Industry representatives setting the agenda, UKCeB's Task Force actively pursues coordinated activities across a range of groupings for Team Defence. It's both a catalyst and a facilitator, promoting joint Industry/MOD collaboration.

You can learn about UKCeB's work in browsing this website - see About, Organisation, FAQ and History. However, once you are signed-in as a Member, you have privileged access to a full range of searchable documents, the 'inside' information from Working Groups, Steering Groups, Communities of Interest, Projects, Learning & Development, Past Events Notes, General Documents and so forth. UKCeB's Member website is a key tool in its remit as 'the voice to inform, the means to perform'. To learn about membership benefits, click on Join UKCeB.

Future Highlights

Tuesday 21 Oct 2014

Community of Learning - Visits - "Managing and Maintaining Aging Platforms"

Wednesday 3 Sep 2014

JIG Board - JIG Board

Thursday 4 Sep 2014

Supply Chain and Support Engineering Working Group - SCSEWG

Monday 8 Sep 2014

UKCeB Council - Council

Tuesday 9 Sep 2014

Security and Information Assurance - SWG

Tuesday 16 Sep 2014

Defence Support Chain Management Steering Group - DSCM

Tuesday 23 Sep - Thursday 25 Sep 2014

Information Standards (JISCOT) - DMEWG11


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Report available on Secure Information Sharing & Big Data Event Report available on Secure Information Sharing & Big Data Event

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Support Chain Seminar 2014 on 16th October - Bookings Open; Integrated Support Planning:– The importance of maintenance as the key cost driverSupport Chain Seminar 2014 on 16th October - Bookings Open; Integrated Support Planning:– The importance of maintenance as the key cost driver

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NAO's audit of the MOD’s Equipment Plan - March 2014NAO's audit of the MOD’s Equipment Plan - March 2014

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P2P Oracle Release 12 UpgradeP2P Oracle Release 12 Upgrade

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UKCeB addresses issues of current import and anticipates those expected to have future impact. For example, the implications of new incentivised contracting models such as Contracting for Availability (or Capability) on security, information management and collaborative working are explored, for the benefit of all members. UKCeB has a non-partisan role in bringing together the right people to address issues of common concern. It is a torch bearer for the use of global Standards and promotes practical initiatives such the secure communications tools emerging from the Transglobal Secure Collaboration Program (TSCP) and the Logistics Coherence Information Architecture (LCIA).

The UKCeB-led Working Groups generate a wealth of information that is collated and made available for members: minutes, meeting agendas, attendees, presentations, briefings, policy and review documents. In addition, UKCeB files reports from defence-related seminars, conferences and events that its Task Force attends. These resources enable members to be well-informed, better-connected and more productive. UKCeB's website provides a '24/7' opportunity for research and participation in this information community, complementing the networking exchanges enjoyed through active participation in its working forums.

We welcome feedback or specific enquiries.

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